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Convocation Hall, May 25, 2005 from 1:00pm to 3:30pm

As always, the AGM provided an opportunity for old friends and associates to meet, chat over a buffet lunch, and receive the annual reports of MURA Activities. This year an added attraction was provided through the presentation by Eric Vengroff, from CARP ("The Association for the 50-Plus") , reviewing the aims and programs of CARP and engaging in a spirited question-and-answer session with our membership.

Summary Reports and an overview of the meeting was published in the July 2005 issue of MURA News.

A new MURA Council was elected. (Reported elsewhere)

Here is a selection from our photographic record* of the AGM.

First, the food....


.... then we can talk


and reminisce of those "active" times at Mac....


... and meet our CARP guests.


The serious meeting gets underway....


... and the membership is attentive.


The treasurer reports...


... as does our Salaried Pension Plan representative
(the news was not that serious!)


A report on a year of Fabulous Trips,
with still more to come.


With all the food gone (or bagged), we headed home.


*With Thanks to Veronica Morrison for some of these photographs.