McMaster University Retirees Association

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"The McMaster University Retirees Association (MURA) collects and retains personal information about its members, and about surviving spouse/partners of former members.

The information includes:

        Employee ID number



        Postal address

        Email address

        Retirement date

        Last department

        Employee group; and

       At the time of death, next of kin, relationship  and address


  • The information will be kept in a confidential and private manner, secure from unauthorized access, disclosure or misuse.
  • The information will be used exclusively for MURA business, for purposes associated with communication and the representation of retiree interests.   It will be used for the administrative, financial and statistical purposes of the Association including, but not limited to, maintaining records; membership; elections; annual general meetings; communication with members; and provision of retiree services." 
As adopted by MURACouncil, January 10, 2007